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115 Shocking Secrets About The Obama Family! Will They Be Needing a Family Law Attorney? Will He Go To Stop Smoking Cessation Programs? Read To Find Out

In January 2017, the heart of America went on another life-changing journey as the Trump administration took over. But before we go into that, let us take this chance to express our endless gratitude to the Obama administration. After all, the Obama administration that reigned the past 8 years had passed certain laws that greatly impacted our lives for the better.

One of the most notable legacies that Obama had left behind was his reform in the U.S. health care system. But did you know that there are some secrets about him and his family that will make you question everything you once knew? Let us uncover these mind-numbing secrets, starting with our first revelation!

#1. Malia Was An Intern For The TV Show The Girls

Wow, who would have thought that the Obama sisters had to do internships as well? Malia interned with Lena Dunham on the set of The HBO comedy, Girls, as you can see from the photo (above) that leaked from the set. Unfortunately, we don’t know what her job description exactly was and whether or not she even had to send an application, considering she could’ve gotten accepted right away just because she was Obama’s daughter.

#2. The Secret Service Gave Malia Driving Lessons

In 2016, Malia turned 18 and was, of course, dreaming of finally getting her driver’s license. Her parents, Barack and Michelle, were probably too busy to teach her or haven’t been driving for years themselves so they asked the secret service to teach Malia. Probably, Barack and Michelle anyways haven’t been driving for years by themselves. We wonder what car Malia drives. Does anyone know? We’re guessing a BMW, Mercedes or an Audi!

#3. Michelle's Tip For A Successful Interview

Before Barack Obama became President of the United States of America, Michelle had to go to job interviews and work a regular job just like anyone else. At some point, she had a job interview at Medical Center of the University of Chicago and had to bring her four-month-old daughter Sasha, probably because the babysitter canceled. Amazingly, Michelle got the job that she had applied for and became the Vice President of the hospital.

#4. Malia's Wild Side

In September 2016, Malia attended a party that was shut down by the local police. And like many others, Malia didn’t like the party to end. According to several news sites, Malia made a huge scene and refused to go home, but was eventually escorted home by the Secret Service. A month later, she was spotted at a music festival wearing a shirt that read ”Smoking Kills” — probably a reminder to her dad who gave up smoking, with the help of a smoking cessation program and nicotine gum.

#5. Malia Plans To Attend Harvard

After much speculation regarding her final choice of college, Malia has decided to skip the opportunity to study film at New York University and has chosen to attend Harvard University this year. First, though, she will take a gap year. We knew she will eventually end up going to Harvard, because who doesn’t want to study at this prestigious and elite university?


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