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55 Gorgeous Daughters Of Your Favorite Hollywood Stars

Anyone can recognize Hollywood elite when they see them. How about their daughters? The young girls who grew up surrounded by glitz and glamour. Some of them are still kids, yet some have dazzled us as they’ve matured into stunning young women. So get ready to take a look at the progeny of some of your favorite Hollywood stars.

#1. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is one of the most beautiful models around. She was named Model of the Year in 2016 and has been ranked as one of the top 50 models by a popular modeling website. No doubt, she gets her stunning looks from her mother, who is reality TV star and former model, Yolanda Foster. Her father is real estate tycoon, Mohamed Hadid, one of those people who are famous for their wealth. While one of Bella’s main claims to fame is her inherited wealth, she is still making a name for herself as a model.

#2. Shayne Dahl Lamas

We all know Lorenzo Lamas, but have you gotten a load of his daughter, Shayne Dahl Lamas. You might remember her from the hit reality television show, The Bachelor. She appeared on it in 2012 and she actually won the show and the handsome billionaire, unfortunately their relationship behind cameras didn’t workout and the two went their separate ways. She later had her own reality show on E! called Leave It To Lamas which followed her and her life.

#3. Hailie Mathers

Remember back in the 90’s when Eminem would always drop in a line or two about his baby daughter Hailie? Well, Hailie isn’t a baby anymore? This beautiful woman is the now 19 year old and turning heads. Clearly her father did a great job in raising her as she’s not letting her celebrity genes go to her head, and instead is studying hard at college. It really makes you feel old knowing that Eminem’s little girl is a grown up now, right?

#4. Francesca Eastwood

This 21-year-old woman is absolutely stunning, and her name is a dead giveaway as to just who her famous celebrity dad is. Of course, she is the daughter of legendary movie icon Clint Eastwood. We’re not sure that it would be so easy to get Eastwood’s blessing to date his daughter, as the man is pretty terrifying, but if you’re a nice man with honorable intentions, he might be swayed. Francesca Eastwood is a model and actress. She also had a marriage that was annulled after only one week when she married Jonah Hill’s brother.

#5. Corinne Bishop

Corinne Bishop is an absolutely beautiful woman and her looks are so striking that she was crowned Miss Golden Globe 2016. She is an up and coming star in the world of modeling and is already making a name for herself in LA. But what about her famous father? You may be wondering who on earth has the surname Bishop and who could be her father? Well actually, her father changed his name after Corinne’s birth. He was once known as Eric Marlon Bishop, but since he changed his name, he now goes by the far more memorable name of Jamie Foxx.


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