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Beautiful Interracial Celeb Couples!

We have come a long way in terms of societal norms, which means interracial marriages are accepted and respected. See these beautiful interracial celeb couples and you will understand why this was a part of our evolution as a society.

#1. Eddie Murphy&Paige Butcher

The comic legend Eddie Murphy and his partner, Australian model Paige Butcher, are quite an adorable couple. Although they aren’t married, the two have been going strong since 2012.

#2. George Lucas&Melody Hobson

These two met back in 2006 during a conference, but it took this “Star Wars” legend six years to decide to tie the knot! The couple married at Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch.

#3. Michael Jordan&Yvette Prieto

It seems like Jordan’s second marriage was much more successful! This couple apparently first bonded in a club in Miami and married in 2013. Let’s see if this legend got it right this time!

#4. Alfre Woodard&Roderick Spencer

We hope you remember that Woodard is one of the most successful and talented African-American actresses in the industry! She has been married to her husband, Roderick Spencer, for over 30 years! The couple has also adopted children over the years.

#5. Robin Thicke&Paula Patton

This story was a classic tale of high school sweethearts! Thicke was only 16 when the two started dating, and although they divorced after nine years of marriage, their relationship was beautiful while it lasted.


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