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Bewitched: Astonishing Facts Revealed About The Cast and Crew

#6. Dick York's Real Reason for Leaving

While Dick York’s departure was never explained on the show, he certainly had a good reason for it. York tore most of the muscles on the right side of his back while filming Cordura, and never recovered completely. Doctors gave him pain medication, but that wasn’t really a long-term solution and certainly wasn’t a great situation for continued filming. Allegedly, he ended up becoming addicted to pain medication prescribed for the back pain.

#7. Enter Dick Sargent

During season five of Bewitched, a replacement doctor gave York some B-12 when he went in during a lunch break from filming. York had a horrible reaction to the vitamin and ended up having a seizure on set and was rushed to the hospital. He never returned and the show went Darrin-less for a few episodes until Dick Sargent stepped in.

#8. Elizabeth Montgomery's Real-Life Pregnancies

She was pregnant three times! Her first was born July 1964. Producers were able to write two of Montgomery’s pregnancies into the script, adding Tabitha and Adam to the Stephens family. Lucky us, it enriched their TV family in a very natural way!

#9. Dick York's Charm as Darrin Stephens

Dick York played Darrin Stephens on Bewitched, the mortal husband of wife Samantha Stephens. Dick was a beloved actor throughout the 1960s due to his role on the series, but was also known for the ‘60s classic film, Inherit the Wind. Dick took his good looks and charm into his later life, he only took a few more roles after Bewitched.

#10. A Dirty Sense of Humor

In a 2017 interview with Fox News, Erin Murphy who played Tabitha on the show opened up about what the cast was really like. While Elizabeth Montgomery may have appeared as the wholesome girl-next-door, Murphy reveals she wasn’t afraid to get a little dirty. “She had a really dirty sense of humor…She was just one of those people who was so beautiful, but she wasn’t afraid to look silly –kind of like Lucille Ball…They could be really campy and funny. There was no fear there.”


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