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Car Cleaning Hacks to Save You Time and Money

Cars are expensive. You have to buy the vehicle, continuously supply it with gas and car insurance, and then take it in for routine maintenance and damage control. This costs an arm and a leg as it is, so don’t spend even more money on keeping your car clean too. Car washes are always an option, but even those can rack up the bills. Not to mention, they don’t include the inside of your car. Instead of spending all of your cash of specialty solvents, wipes, and detergents, let us show you OUR Way of cleaning your car!

#1. Hair Conditioner

We already know that it gives your hair a sleek shine, but what about your car? It turns out, a regular hair conditioner is an excellent alternative for a wax and shine. Pour a generous amount onto a towel and apply it using circular wiping movements (Karate Kid style) until the car shines to your content.

#2. Dryer Sheets

Nothing is more unappealing than cleaning out the dead, dried up bugs that have smashed onto your bumper and windshield, and then stuck there for good. Well worry no more, we’ve got the solution, and it’s most likely already in your laundry room. All you need is a moist dryer sheet; rub it on the surface of your car where there are any bugs or debris, and they should come right off with ease.

#3. Top Window Gunk

#4. Screw Driver for Cracks

For some reason that we have yet to figure out, most car interiors are designed with tiny crevices and cracks that go along the doors, dashboard, and armrests throughout the car. It is near impossible to get into these crevices to clean them, but we’ve got another trick for you! All you need is a screw driver and a piece of fabric (felt works best). Just cover the head of the screwdriver with the fabric and lightly scrape along the creases and watch the dirt come out easily.

#5. Toothbrush

This one might seem a like an army punishment, but a good old tooth brush with some soap and water will definitely do the trick of cleaning your car. Especially for the parts that get a lot of attention, like an armrest or a steering wheel, a tooth brush’s bristles are small enough to get deep into the very pattern of your car. Just like brushing your teeth, scrub hard in circular motions, and watch the yellow color fade away. 


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