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Famous Women Of The 70’s: Where Are They Now?

#6. Bo Derek - Now

Following the success of 10, Derek landed a few roles in the 1980’s like A Change of Seasons, Fantasies, Tarzan the Ape Man, Bolero, and Ghosts Can’t Do It. After the 80’s, Bo’s acting career died down somewhat and did not have many major roles in anything of note. Although she has continued to act in minor roles throughout the years, these days Bo is more involved as an advocate for animal rights. She owns Andalusian horses and sits on the California Horse Racing Board.

#7. Valerie Perrine - Then

Perrine was from Galveston, Texas, and was born in 1943 to Winifred and Kenneth Perrine. She actually began her career as a Las Vegas showgirl and was rumored to have played an uncredited part in Diamonds Are Forever, but that is not true. Her breakout role was in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five in 1972 and was in Playboy later that year. Her career really hit highs in 1974, however, when she starred in Lenny. The role of Honey Bruce won her numerous awards, including the Cannes film Festival Best Actress Award, as well as landing her nominations for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

#8. Valerie Perrine - Now

Since her days as Honey Bruce, Perrine starred in WC Fields and Me in 1976, but one of the roles she will be best remembered for is definitely Superman, 1978, and then the sequel in 1980. She played Eve Teschmacher, who was the mole of Clark Kent’s arch enemy Lex Luther. Since her heydays of the late 70s and 80s, Valerie has not been involved in such high-profile productions. She did appear in a small role in Mel Gibson’s 2002 movie, What Women Want.

#9. Cybill Shepherd - Then

Cybil Shepherd is from Memphis, Tennessee and started out her career as a model. She won ‘Miss Teenage Memphis’ at age 16 and by 18 she won ‘Model of the Year’. 1971 was the start of her career as an actress, appearing in the movie The Last Picture Show, and she was nominated for a Golden Globe. Next up was The Heartbreak Kid in 1972, alongside Charles Grodin, before she launched her singing career in the mid-70s with her debut album entitled, Cybill Does It…To Cole Porter.

#10. Cybill Shepherd - Now

Cybil would go on to star in many more hits in the 70s, including a role in Taxi Driver alongside a young Robert De Niro. A few less successful movies followed, and Shepherd decided to move away from the Hollywood limelight and take part in some theater productions. By the 80s she was back in Hollywood and eventually landed a role in ABC’s Moonlighting, which won her a Golden Globe and newfound critical acclaim. In 1995, Shepherd landed her own TV show Cybil, which ran for 87 episodes. Nowadays, she is best known for her role in the L-Word.


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