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Former Celebrities That Now Have Normal Jobs

They may have left the screens, but we still remember them. Where are they now? Maybe closer than you think. They might be your son’s teacher or your Starbucks barista. Here’s a list of the celebrities who ended up with normal jobs.

#1. Taran Noah Smith

After Home Improvement Taran’s career had a short life. Today he runs an organic, vegan cheese manufacturer called Playfood.

#2. Jon Gosselin

Reality show star Jon Gosselin went from Jon & Kate Plus 8 to waiting tables. He was recently fired from his job at the Black Dog restaurant in Beckersville, PA.

#3. Kevin Jonas

After leaving The Jonas Brothers, Kevin launched the food searching app Yood. The app is location-based and gives the location and phone number of restaurants in your area.

#4. Danny Lloyd

He was only 5 when he starred in The Shining. After the movie was released Danny quit acting and today he is a biology teacher in Kentucky.

#5. Josh Saviano

In the 90s the most popular rumor about Josh Saviano (Paul from the Wonder Years) was that he grew up to be Marylin Manson. The truth is not quite as exciting. He is a corporate lawyer.


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