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Hilarious Windshield Notes You Just Have to See

#6. For Heaven's Sake!

The fact this particular person took the time to write this note and walk back out to then leave it in this miserable person’s windshield just goes to prove that people who don’t know how to park are the worst. The worst.

#7. Grumpy Cat Makes An Appearance

How in the world did this person have time to draw Grumpy Cat? And how did they just think of it on the spot like that? I can’t even remember what I ate for lunch.

#8. Bob Wins

Bob only wins here as he’s crossed a serious line when it comes to leaving behind a savage windshield note. The point is, don’t mess with Bob.

#9. Just For You

Can you feel the glee this person experienced at finally being able to use chalk for a very specific and useful purpose? Okay, so maybe glee isn’t the right word here.

#10. Quite Handy

If you haven’t heard this person’s message loud and clear then there’s really nothing more we can add. Go back to driver’s ed and look up a really good car insurance quote before you ever attempt to park again.


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