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News Anchors Who Dropped The Ball!

#11. Perfectly Timed Bloopers

This is either a horrible prank by the camera crew or a hilarious coincidence! Either way, this must have been one entertaining live news broadcast.

#12. Are We Live?!

Corporate life is never easy, especially when they don’t tell you in advance that there is going to be a live broadcast happening right in the middle of the office that afternoon! Thanks, Melanie, now I’m on live television.

#13. Dogsitting

Looks like this weather man’s dogsitter was on vacation, or it was “bring your dog to the office” day. Either way, we can’t deny that this little mishap made the news a little nicer to watch.

#14. Free Friday Hugs

We’d have absolutely no questions if this news broadcast was live from New York; it seems like the kind of place where people would walk around giving out free hugs. Or maybe this lady just really wanted to be on live TV.

#15. Busted Munching On…

You know what they say – act in life as though cameras are following you around 247. This guy decided that this life motto is not for him and went all out munching on camera. Wonder if this put his political career in jeopardy at all.


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