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Perfectly Timed Photos That You Have Ever Seen

In the world of sports, just about anything is possible so thank goodness for cameramen. If it wasn’t for them, some of these moments would be fleeting and gone just as quickly as they came. Take a look at the images that sports cameramen captured over the years and get ready to chuckle.

#1. Froggy

Pretty sure those with a preschool teaching certification make faces just like this or maybe just their students? In any case, it looks pretty intense.

#2. Hero or Superhero?

Every news source was flooding our screens with this particular jaw dropping Superman moment. It may have been over in the blink of an eye but this photo definitely isn’t going anywhere!

#3. Lesson Learned

Never take your eyes off the ball! I’m not a baseball fan but that kind of seems like a no-brainer, unless I’m missing something? A teaching certificate certainly won’t help in this particular case.

#4. Kobe!

It’s not like you can bother any NBA players out on the court during a game, so you have to resort to different kinds of avenues. In this case, the classic dash and snap. Well done.

#5. Face First

Whoa. Now here’s a chillingly awesome photo captured at the right time! It’s got all kinds of cool vibes going on.


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