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Police Unearth Strange New Evidence in Case of Two Missing Oklahoma Girls

#6. Manhunt

Investigators soon uncovered the body of Kathy Freeman in the rubble. Not only had she been burnt beyond recognition but police quickly realized that she had been shot as well. Theories as to what had happened to the girls were spreading like wildfire. Had Danny Freeman killed his wife and kidnapped both of the girls?

#7. What’s in the Rubble

#8. The Remaining Car

Lauria’s car had been parked near the house when the fire engulfed it but was untouched. Even more unusual, was the fact that her keys were still in the ignition. Her purse, and the $200 it contained, were found amidst the rubble. Investigators also found a veritable arsenal of weapons in the remains of the house. But why would a killer leave all his weapons behind?

#9. The Day Later

#10. Runaways?

Had Ashley and Lauria murdered the former’s parents and only run away? But if that was the case, why would they leave Lauria’s car and all of her money behind? It didn’t fit. The girls were happy, involved in school, and at least one of them had been in a long-term relationship. The Bibles and most of the town for that matter were convinced that someone had kidnapped the girls…


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