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See How These Celeb Kids Look Today

It’s hard for the kids of celebrities to avoid the limelight, particularly because we’re all very curious to see how they end up. Here are some present photos of kids of famous celebrities who are all grown up now.

#1. Alexandra Hoffman

Alexandra is the daughter of Dustin Hoffman, a famous actor and the star of such films as Rain Man. Dustin married Lisa Hoffman and they had Alexandra, their youngest daughter. The marriage didn’t last, but Alexandra has grown to be a stunning woman. She briefly dated comedic actor Jonah Hill years ago. Alexandra is also an actress and was known for Moonlight Mile (2002). Moonlight Mile, a romantic film which also stars her father. There is not much news about Alexandra these days. Dustin Hoffman’s daughter is living a pretty quiet life in show business and under the fame of her father.

#2. Dylan Penn

Dylan is better known as the daughter of celeb actor Sean Penn and actress Robin Wright. You might think that Dylan would have acting in her genes, but she actually showed more interest in modeling from a young age, even moving to New York City to pursue a career. Dylan once rejected a huge offer to appear nude in Playboy, to the disappointment of many of her fans.

#3. Connor Cruise

Don’t look too hard for a family resemblance between Connor and his mega-famous parents, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Although Tom and Nicole love Connor to pieces, he’s an adopted son. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, though, as Connor is an active Scientologist, just like his dad. Most recently, Connor deflected rumors that he has a poor relationship with his mother, Nicole. Connor, Tom Cruise’s millionaire son is living a pretty much jet set lifestyle in the home of Scientology HQ - Clearwater, Florida. Living in a 3-bedroom town house in the exclusive community for Scientologists, he lives quite a comfortable life. In order to pursue his deep sea passion, his father also bought him a $500, 000 fishing boat. Connor is also a DJ who books parties and club gigs all over the US.

#4. Liv Moore

Liv is the teenage daughter of Julianne Moore. She obviously takes a lot after her mother, who is a phenomenal actress. They share the same red hair and a lot of the same facial features, too. One way in which she differs from her famous mother is in the height department, however. At just 14, she already towered over her mother! Liv Moore is the daughter of Julianne Moore, a phenomenal actress. Both Liv and Julianne Moore shares red hair as well as some facial features. The only difference between the mother and daughter is the height as Liv easily towers over her mother’s own 5 ft. 3 in. At 14, Liv’s tall stature is at 6 ft. 2 in. which she got from her father, Bart Freundlich.

#5. John Lowe

John is one of those people who you don’t need to see the last name of to know whose kid he is. John bears more than a passing resemblance to his dad, actor Rob Lowe. John and his famous dad enjoy doing all kinds of things together, including keeping fit. However, John has yet to show any interests in taking up acting and following in his father’s footsteps. While John hasn’t showed any interest in show business, the world is still interested in what he’s up to. November 2016, Rob Lowe celebrated his son’s 21st birthday with a weekend getaway in the Sin City. John’s birthday was complete with booze, sparklers and cake and Rob Lowe honored his son by posting a photo of them standing side by side on similar outfits.


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