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Teen Finds Baby Horse Starving In A Ditch, And Does The Impossible

Sometimes fate has a funny way of messing with us. Just when you think life is going exactly as it should, you’re thrown a curveball. It’s all about what you make of life’s twists and turns.

Luckily for 18-year-old Kelsey Allonge, fate had a plan for her all along. The young woman’s incredible story of compassion and bravery when faced with a harrowing situation is one that has inspired animal lovers around the country…

#1. Animal Lover

Growing up in Cropsey, Illinois, Kelsey Allonge was a true all-American girl. She was kind, athletic, and dreamed about life beyond her small town. She was excited about life after high school. What set Kelsey apart from other teens her age, however, was her love for animals, specifically horses.

#2. A Wrong Turn

When Kelsey was 18, she and her mother had plans to go to a swap meet in a nearby neighboring town. Yet on the way to the flea market, Kelsey’s mom Cara Filipiak made a wrong turn and decided to try a different route to their destination. It was a last-minute move that ended up changing their lives forever…

#3. Early A.M. Discovery

It was roughly 5:30 in the morning, the sun had only just started to shine, and Kelsey was barely awake as her mother drove the car. With lots of open farmland along the drive, Kelsey probably didn’t expect to see much outside her window. Then, somewhere far in the distance, she noticed a thin horse standing in a ditch, scrounging around for food.

#4. No One In Sight

The poor foal was visibly starving and could barely stand up on her own. Kelsey and Cara looked around, but there was no one in sight. They couldn’t understand why the horse was out there, so far from wherever her home was, without anyone looking for her. Or were they?

#5. Can't Leave Her

Kelsey’s compassionate nature instantly kicked in and she knew she had to do something. She told her mom that they probably weren’t going to make the swap meet. Fate, it seemed, had stepped in with this twisting turn of events and she felt it was her mission to help the abandoned baby.


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