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The Terrifying Tale of a Girl Found Adrift at Sea

In 1961, a little girl was found alone at sea, dehydrated and close to death. Nobody knew how she had gotten there. Aside from the pajamas she was wearing and small raft, she had absolutely nothing. The whole situation left her rescuers completely baffled. It took some time for her to heal physically but the emotional scars remained as she held on to a dark secret. Only decades later she revealed the horrifying truth about what really happened. So what happened during that fateful trip? Read on to find out.

#1. Back to America

On Sunday, November 12, 1961, Arthur and Julian went to the office of Roderick W. Pinder. Pinder was Sandy Point’s commissioner. The purpose of their visit was to fill out the forms that they needed to to properly leave the Bahamas. The vacationers were heading back home, to the United States.

Back to America

Fred Morley/Fox Photos/Getty Images

Arthur felt the need to inform Roderick of how wonderful the vacation was. He wanted Roderick to know just how dream-worthy the journey had been. “This has been a once-in-a-lifetime vacation,” Arthur is reported to have told Roderick. “We’ll be back before Christmas.”

#2. Last Night Alive

Little did Arthur know — little did his wife or three children know — they would not be coming back to the Bahamas for Christmas.

Last Night Alive

Keystone/Getty Images

Sunday would be Arthur’s last night alive. It would also be last night alive for Brian, Renee, and Julian Harvey’s wife, Mary Dene.

#3. Last Supper

Sunday dinner was cooked by Harvey’s wife Mary Dene. The former TWA stewardess made a chicken cacciatore and salad for the two families.

Last Supper

Buzz Tube

It was, unbeknownst to everyone aboard, Bluebelle’s last supper.

#4. Sleeping Alone

At approximately 9pm that Sunday night, Terry Jo, the middle child, went to her sleeping area. It was in a small cabin in the back of the boat.

Sleeping Alone

Fun To Be Bad

Usually, Renee, her young sister, slept there too. Tonight, she was with her mom, dad, and brother in the cockpit.

#5. A Scream

The nighttime has the potential for any number of horrors. Free of the glare of the daytime, the dark permits all sorts of evils to come out and cause harm.

A Scream

Keystone/Getty Images

On Sunday, in the middle, of the night, Terry Jo heard her brother scream, “Help, daddy, help!” The screams were accompanied by running and stamping noises. Terry Jo was terrified..


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