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This Momma Elephant Was Frantically Trying To Wake Up Her Baby – So Keepers Sprang Into Action


The male calf in the Elephant Valley compound is pictured sprawled out on the ground after a busy bout of play. His mother stays by his side looking anxious. While Janita stands vigil, her baby is shown making worrying movements.


His little body is seen twitching occasionally, and mommy elephant seems to become distressed. After wandering around looking almost as if she was seeking help, Janita returns to her little one’s prone position and tries to wake him – to no avail.


When mommy reaches out and touches her baby with her trunk, Max doesn’t stir at all. Janita’s efforts to rouse her calf fail, and the poor mother appears to start to panic. However, help is at hand – as mommy waits seemingly helpless, zoo keepers enter the frame.


Janita appears so happy to see the keepers that she actually walks part-way with them towards her baby. What must have seemed strange to onlookers, though, is that the keeper who approaches Max doesn’t look overly concerned. The reason for that soon became clear.


The keeper is seen placing his hand under the baby elephant and begins to nudge him gently, but nothing happens. When his efforts to rouse the calf meet with failure, the man begins to shake a little harder. It takes some work, but finally he gets a response from Max.


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