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Unbelievable Celebrity Weight Transformations

Most people struggle with weight and try multiple diets throughout their lives. Although sometimes portrayed as superior, celebrities also deal with weight issues. From media pressures, to landing film roles, to self confidence, celebrities deal with many factors that may lead them down the path of a weight transformation. Some celebrities seek out medical advise and surgeries, while others hire famous trainers and change their diet. Even though fans will love them not matter their shape or size, these celebrities have gone through great lengths to achieve their weight goals.

#1. Kelly Osbourne - 50 Lbs. Loss

Kelly Osbourne, although rose to fame through her father Ozzy Osbourne. She has since found her way to stay at the top. She has appeared on various TV shows, including giving hosting red carpet events and commenting on celebrity fashion, and showing off her dancing skills on “Dancing With The Stars.” “Dancing With The Stars,” was the show that really helped ehr kick start her weight loss. She continued working out and quit emotion and bad eating habits. Kelly was able to lose a total of 50 pounds!

#2. Queen Latifah - 20 Lbs. Loss

Singer and actress Queen Latifah has always had amazing curves. But, in 2008,Queen Latifah turned to Jenny Craig to help her shed some pounds. She also hit the gym 5-7 days per week, switching between the treadmill or elliptical machine for an hour. Her original goal was to lose 5-10% of her body weight, which she achieved in only a few months. Jenny Craig released a statement announcing Queen Latifah had lost 20 pounds and dropped 20 cholesterol point.

#3. Alec Baldwin - 35 Lbs. Loss

Alec Baldwin decided it was time to lose weight when he was diagnosed Prediabetic, in May 2011. He gave up sugar and diary and started exercising more. He likes to do pilates and swimming. He also receives help and inspiration from his younger, yoga-instructor wife Hilaria. When he is working and has less time to workout, he makes sure he eats less. He lost a total of 35 pounds in four months.

#4. Melissa McCarthy - 75 Lbs. Loss

Melissa is looking happier and healthier than ever, after shedding 75 pounds over the past year. McCarthy eats a high protein low carb diet and consumes lots of food with high fiber content. She drinks green tea to boost her weight loss. She also believes getting plenty of sleep has been a big factor in her weight loss journey. She hopes to pass her new found diet habits onto her daughters.

#5. Lisa Riley - 140 Lbs. Loss

The former “Emmerdale” star and “Loose Women” panelist recently lost 140 pounds! She went from a size 30 to a size 14. She began noticing her weight loss, in 2012, after she performed on the TV series “Strictly Come Dancing.” She revealed on “Loose Women,” she attributes a lot of her weight loss to giving up alcohol. She made all of her meals smaller, by strictly following portion control, as well as regularly attending Zumba classes. She also does not eat after 6:30pm.


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