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Unbelievable Photos Of Celebs Then And Now

#6. Samantha Fox Now

In 2014 Fox appeared in the British Horror film Seven Cases. Currently, Samantha is still recording and playing live music with her band all around the globe. Samantha manages to keep her model figure to this day by doing boxing routines regularly.

#7. Erika Eleniak Then

In 1989 Erika Eleniak was cast on Baywatch as the young fresh faced beauty Shauni McLain. Erika was featured in many shows in the late 80’s and early 90’s including Full House and Charles In Charge. In 1993 Erika landed a lead role in The Beverly Hillbillies movie.

#8. Erika Eleniak Now

In 2006 Erika gave birth to her first and only child Indyanna. Currently, Erika spends much of her time out of the public eye with her family.

#9. Lisa Whelchel Then

Who can forget Blair Warner, the signature role of Lisa Whelchel, on The Facts of Life? The preppy blonde certainly had an elitist streak back then with her TV family’s wealth, and her role seems to have been reimagined in the more modern series Gossip Girl. Oh, to list the things that Blair Warner and Blair Waldorf have in common! Well, we can start with their names. And the similarities don’t stop there. With good grades, beauty, and a shopping habit for the record books, the two Blairs have quite a bit in common. Oh, and not to mention the whole ‘heiress’ thing.

#10. Lisa Whelchel Now

Since The Facts of Life, Lisa Whelchel has once again brought the character of Blair Warner to life in The Facts of Life Reunion, a TV movie that brought much of the original cast back together in 2001. Whelchel has also pursued public speaking, and has spoken at numerous Christian events and conferences. (She also released a Christian Pop album in 1984, for which she was nominated for a Grammy). Whelchel is also a writer, having published ten books on topics ranging from parenting to religion to friendship.


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