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What Are the Biggest 80’s Stars Up to Today?

The 1980’s as a decade is identifiable by several huge fashion trends (leg warmers and super dark lip liner, amirite?), huge 80’s bands with outrageous styles, and of course, the film and television that was thoroughly saturated with all of our favorite stars. The greatest thing was, we all experienced the same fashion disasters: The shoulder pads, the perms, the ray bans, the scrunchies, MC Hammer’s parachute pants – everyone shared the same glitz, glamour and very, very embarrassing fashion. Some of the biggest stars of this glittery decade never really made it past the years and into the 1990’s, though several of them are still huge stars today! Want to know what happened to all of your favorite 80’s stars? Read on to find out:

#1. Elizabeth McGovern

Elizabeth McGovern started off the 1980’s on a real high note, as she was nominated for an Academy Award in 1981 for her role in Ragtime. 3 years later, she starred in Once Upon a Time in America and would continue making films throughout the following years!

#2. Sean Young

Sean Young got a healthy dose of popularity after starring in the 1982 film Blade Runner and the 1984 film Dune. After getting some major action acting chops in these films, she continued working in the 1990’s in other genres.

#3. Lori Singer

“You gotta cut loose!” Lori Singer had the amazing opportunity to star in the 1984 film Footloose alongside Kevin Bacon. Not only did she have that major movie under her belt, but she also starred in the television series Fame.

#4. Lea Thompson

Lea Thompson starred in one of the biggest movie franchises of the 1980’s, none other than Back to the Future! Thompson sure discovered the ‘power of love’ after kicking off a wonderful career with this film. After this, she starred in Howard the Duck and The Beverly Hillbillies.

#5. Alyssa Milano

Isn’t Alyssa Milano perfectly charming? Milano is perhaps best known for her role on the ABC sitcom Who’s the Boss?, which became one of the biggest hits of the 1980’s and ran from 1984 to 1992. Milano stuck to television after that, continuing her work as an actress.


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