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When A Lion Family Caught An Injured Fox: The Most Unexpected Just happened

When an injured fox got trapped by lions, we all knew for sure what’s gonna happen.

But one day in April in Central Kalahari Game Reserve in South Africa., an incredible scene captured by photographer Graham Dyer seems an eye-opener and thought-provoking.

Sometimes, animals know more about love than Humans do.

#1. Over-Protective

When the male lion roared at the fox, the mother lion did something unbelievable…

#2. Got angry

The mother lion protected the fox intensely and swiped at the male lion with her paw.

#3. They are eating

A few moments later, the photographer heard the sound of eating something, so he thought maybe that’s the end of the fox.

#4. Other food

After getting a closer view, the photographer saw that the fox is still safe, and the lions are eating food brought by other lions.

#5. Recovery

Just like a miracle, the fox seemed to recover from his wound and eventually was able to stand on its back legs.


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