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20 Clever Makeup & Beauty Tips for Older Women

Could you spend all day watching beauty tutorials? You wouldn’t be the only one, but not all of us have the that kind of time! Stop poring through hours of footage and get the freshest tips all in one place. Save money, choose better products, and apply like a pro! It’s all right here as we present 20 of our cleverest, craftiest makeup tips and tricks.

#1. Buy The Right Shade.

Picking a shade without trying it on is a struggle. Worse yet, a lot of us have gotten into the habit of using our wrists as a shade guide. This is inappropriate, as your wrists don’t get the incidental, constant sun exposure our faces do.

Your best bet, if you can’t do a test application, is to hold the swatch or bottle up to your neck. After all, this is where the foundation will end. If it can’t blend seamlessly into your neck, it’s not right for you.

#2. Moisturizer + Foundation = Tinted Moisturizer.

Moisturizer + Foundation = Tinted Moisturizer.


There are a lot of foundations out there that don’t give us the skin-like finish we’re looking for. Besides, the new emphasis on skin care hasn’t made thick coverage as necessary. And even if you do have imperfections, heavy makeup tends to highlight every flake, pore, scar, and line.

Sheer out your cakey creams and liquids with a dime-sized drop of your favorite moisturizer, and be naturally flawless. After all, sweaty summers and dry winters call for lighter coverage that doesn’t look like a mask. Experiment first – gel moisturizers may create pilling when mixed with foundation.

#3. One Simple Trick Removes Eye Bags & Lip Lines in Seconds

Experts Say, “Take care of your wrinkles now. The problem only gets worse as time goes by.” Discover how a pair of sisters Anna and Samantha are proving experts wrong – and how YOU CAN TOO!

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#4. Choose Cream Eyeshadows.

Choose Cream Eyeshadows.


Of course, you can forgo powders completely and rediscover cream eyeshadows. These are perfect for those who just can’t master blending multiple shades. Their formulas are smooth and spreadable, typically with better color payoff than cheap powder shadows.

A little usually goes a long way. Take a small dot of cream shadow and tap it on your lid. The smoother mousse-like formulas can be blended without a brush!

#5. Highlight Your Lips.

Highlight Your Lips.


What have you done to make your lips look bigger? Over-lining can look clownish, and plumping glosses are irritating and too temporary. To create more dimension and make lips look naturally fuller, highlight your lips.

Begin by spotlighting the cupid’s bow and chin dent beneath the lower lip. From there, add highlight to your actual lip color by using a light powder, gloss, or lipstick in the center of the mouth. Press it on with a flat lip brush and blend very lightly.


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