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News Anchors Who Dropped The Ball!

Being a news anchor on live television has its perks, but it can also be very stressful. These 24 crazy news fails make the anchors become the news and everything pretty much goes downhill from there.

#1. Camel Toeing In The North

We’re guessing that since the forecast didn’t look promising that morning, the weather woman decided to distract the viewers with something else. Who’s paying attention to the screen in the background after this?!

#2. It’s Hailing!

Whether the meteorologist is very excited or upset is hard to tell, but the audience that day must have been exceptionally happy. Who cares that it’s only 11 degrees in the south-east when you’re about to get the ratings of your life?!

#3. Miss Sunshine

Well, if the weather forecast isn’t going to give you your daily dose of sunshine, this weather woman will! We see what you did there, tech guy behind the scenes.

#4. Gaál Noémi TV2, Hungary

Like Evelyn Taft, this weather woman is a true blooded meteorologist. That means they look at data and make predictions themselves using actual science.

#5. News Slip-Up

This blouse revealed a little more than the audience bargained for, but hey, we can’t really complain. The news anchor has some important news to deliver, please don’t get too distracted!


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