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News Anchors Who Dropped The Ball!

#6. Well, That’s A Little Awkward

You know that feeling when you’re live on television and suddenly your dress almost goes over your head? Yeah, we don’t either, but apparently everything is possible when the whole world is watching. A tad awkward, but a little humorous.

#7. Button Popped

We’re not sure what kind of news this lady is reporting, but… they might not be that serious at all. Let’s cut her some slack – was her first day and no one told her about the office dress code.

#8. Promising Weather Report

Don’t be too quick to judge – this weather woman definitely knows how to keep her audience glued to their screens. Unfortunately, many commuters were complaining later that evening that this route home wasn’t the fastest one.

#9. Keep Your Cool

A professional newscaster would never let background noise or painful accidents affect the broadcast – after all, the only thing that’s important is delivering news to the public. We feel bad for the guy in the back, though.

#10. Way Too Excited

We hope that the lady in the shot gave this guy her number, otherwise we’d have trouble explaining why he got so distracted. Turned out to be a great news blooper, though!


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